The Reinform process

Phase one: Onboarding

  • Open website for registrations, get citizens to sign up
  • Write how-to guides on how to best insert yourself with empathy in a conspiracy thread and how to slowly debunk conspiracies
  • Write articles with resources about where to fact check effectively
  • Write articles for each specific conspiracy theory

Phase two: Open the frontline

  • Create a bot that detects conspiracy threads on Twitter etc and show them on Reinform
  • Let citizens inserts themselves in the thread and get conversations going

Phase three: Automate

  • Create chatbots that automate the above process and automatically responds in the conspiracy threads, but in a manner that doesn't threaten the conspiracy theorist and slowly adds bit of content that might convince future readers to go another route
  • Continue training the chatbots with new content as citizens find more effective ways to combat disinformation

What are your ideas on how we can best combat disinformation?

You can signup now and start helping with writing content.

Posted on April 19, 2020 by Sam